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    Landon Bishop | 20 | Junior | Paul Wesley | Witch | Open

    Landon has always been an overall good guy, but he’s been known to make some bad decisions. He always has the best intentions in mind, but sometimes things don’t go his way. He’s overprotective of the coven, and by some is viewed as a big brother type. He tries to stay open minded and unbiased because somebody has to. He knew that the combined covens could lead to disaster, and he’s taken it upon himself to be the middle man. He’s a natural leader, and often takes control of situations even when they are out of his hands. He’s kind of the third to Sawyer and Cameron, coming to the rescue whenever the two butt heads.

    He’s one of the most loyal and trustworthy people you will ever meet which makes him a great friend to have. He’s also powerful which makes him a great asset to the coven. He’s best friends with Elijah, but people know not to judge him for it. The two are completely opposites, but he sees the older man like a brotherly figure since he’s an only child himself. After dating for a while, him and Aubree broke up. He’s still getting over her, but refuses to dwell on the past. As a rebound, he found himself in bed with a Freshman a week before classes started. He learned soon after that the girl was the Gray witch that Sawyer wanted to get her hands on. He doesn’t know that Elijah slept with Amberlyn as well. To make things even better, he was recently asked by the Queen Bee to keep an eye on Lyn and keep trying to persuade her to the coven.

    • Friends: Elijah Proctor, Cameron Blackwell, Nathaniel Gray

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So hot! Love this photo! 


    So hot! Love this photo! 

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